The Pre-Departure Orientation Conference is a university-wide event required for all students going abroad through Notre Dame.

The conference will provide critical information, contacts and preparation to Notre Dame students going abroad. The conference is not intended to replace or repeat material from your individual sponsors or program managers; rather, it is intended as an opportunity to embellish and enhance these meetings through the delivery of broader preparation materials as well as discussions with faculty and staff experts across the university.

In order to allow students to customize their pre-departure preparation, the conference is run like an academic conference: Student participants attend a large group plenary to address issues of universal concern and then select from several concurrent small-group sessions on topics of their choosing throughout the afternoon. There is also an optional coffee hour that groups together students preparing to go abroad to the same/similar location with Notre Dame international students from those countries/regions.

This format will allow student participants to select sessions of the greatest relevance to their abroad experience as it will also allow the orientation program to address a wide range of programmatic needs.